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Product Placement growing in Marathi serials

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on June 1, 2012 by Shruti

A month in India after a very long time gave me a new insight about product placement in TV serials. There are only a couple serials worth watching and since we had a lot of time, I ended up watching that. One of the serials had such a big placement – some in a clever way and some.. well,.. right at your face.

Quality ice cream was one of the products featured in a serial. It was a very family serial watched by not just 40+ age group but also by a bit younger generation – 20+ and since usually a 20+ has some buying power in their hands especially in terms of ice creams and such items, I thought it was a very clever idea. But the way it was done put me off. Spending one and a half minute out of the total 23/24 minute to talk about the ice cream and its flavors and flaunting the tag line of that brand (ice cream for weekend or celebrate your weekend with Quality or some such)……. well that’s not very subtle people.

Just having the family enjoy ice cream with the logo visible in the background of that scene and somewhere in the conversation mentioning about the weekend would have been sufficient. This right in your face approach was not really necessary and took away the intelligence and fun of it.

They also promoted a movie in the serial. Good idea but not so subtle presentation. One thing I have learned during my studies – product placement is effective when its subtly woven in the background of the scene. Any more than that and people will talk – not in a appreciative way. Its not an advertisement people and you might want to maintain that difference.