The Blind Side

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I haven’t written anything on the blog since.. I donno.. past month may be. But thats becuase my thesis is not yet done. Anyways, to look at the bright side, one of the movies that I had selected as a sample has finally come out on DVD. The BLind Side !!!!. I finally watched it. And for my thesis it has created a record. One of the brands featured in the movies is placed such as the brand name is displayed for the maximum amount of time in all the movies that I have selected. 

There  are 17 brands in this movie. In addition to these brands, NASCAR and NFL appear very frequently. These brands are  Ford, Pepsi, BMW, Taco Bell, KFC, Long John Silver’s Pizza Hut, Border’s Books store, ESPN, Nike, Canon, Schutt, Dell, Motorolla, VTech, FedEx, Ole Miss, and Under Armour. Of these brands, Under Armour has been displayed for a very long time. Many sports outfits in this movie were sponsered by Under Armour. The logo of Under Armour was visible for 343 seconds. What did I say about new record? Good eh !!!



One in a Decade !!!! – Part II

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So in my last blog I talked about the decade of 1910 and some significant product placements in that decade. In the decade after that, the advertising slides were popular among the producers and marketers. The marketers used mainly the one-reel-ad-shorts. With the arrival of sound era, advertising films became more popular and the concept of sponsored movies was introduced.

The sponsored movies basically were the same as regular movies with an addition of the name of the sponsor in the titles. Very few well-known studios participated in the movie advertising as they were scared of people’s reaction. But as the years passed by the concept was adopted by several producers.

Ref: Segrave

One in a decade !!!! – Part I

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Here is my try to write about atleast one case of product placement per decade. This data that I present does not necessarily come from my own research. Whenever I write about something thats not my own, I will mention the name of the respective person. So people out there, please don’t sue me.

Let me start with the very first decade of Hollywood. As I have already mentioned, the first product placement ever can be traced back to 1896, although it wasn’t necessarily called the product placement then. As the movies became famous, more and more people were involved in the industry. Thomas Edison was one of such people who brought new charm to motion pictures . He was actually the first businessman who recognised the true potential of product placement in films. Several Edison films such as A Romance of the Rail (1903) featured different transportation like railways. For these placements, he charged the transportation companies.

Although, his contribution towards the concept of product placement is not exactly what we usually remember him for, he certainly laid down the foundation for those businessmen who later became richer with movie advertising.

Ref: Newell, Salmon, and Chang

A glance in the history…

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For all the web-browsing folks out there, it is not a news that the concept of product placement kicked off after E.T., the alien picks up the trail of Reese’s pieces to follow Elliott into his home. But it may come as a surprise when I say that product placement goes back to the 1890s, almost the same time as the movie industry.

To be very precise, the first movie ever to have a product placement was Washing Day in Switzerland in 1896, although it was not called as product placement that time. Slowly the concept of placing a product into a movie or selling the merchandise to promote the movie became common. Several examples can be given to emphasize the point that it was a common practice for the movie producers in 1950s onwards. It worked both ways. It helped the producers to reduce the production cost and it helped the advertisers to build up their sales.

However, it wasn’t until the 1980s that the practice caught the attention of the general audience in a positive way. The movie ‘E.T., the Extra-Terrestrial’ was released in 1982 and soon was considered as a milestone both in the film industry and the advertising industry. The Reese’s Pieces were placed such effectively in the movie that according to the industry estimates, the sales of the candy temporarily tripled the average; Hershey’s claiming it to have increased by 65%.

After that the practice of product placement has been soaring upwards. There are several recent examples which show what forms this practice has taken. In the next few posts, I will talk about several movies that have some effective brand placement.

Hi there

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Hi there,

So finally, I have realised how it feels to say that I have my own website and I write blog. 🙂 I know that I haven’t exactly added any blog post yet, but it still feels really nice. I am very much looking forward to write and share a lot of information that I have learned in past few months. I hope that it will be as much a fun and learning experience in the coming future as it promises to be in the first few steps.