About Me

I have always thought it would be easy for me to write “About Me” section of a website or blog that I may create. Well, as it turns out it’s a little bit hard than that. However, here is my try.

I am originally from an Indian family with lots of uncles and cousins and grand parents in addition to my parents and in-laws.

I am an international student, studying mass communication. My previous Masters degree is in Marketing Management. I have worked with a media company and an ad agency for almost 5 years before coming to the U.S.

I have now completed my course load and am currently busy doing a thesis. The thesis is a content analysis on comparison between the practice of product placement in Hollywood and Bollywood. It will try to find the recent trends of product placement in both the film industries by comparing several elements.

My blog here is going to be focused on the product placement in films for the obvious reason that I would like to share the things that I have learned during this process of thesis. I hope anyone who reads this blog would enjoy it as much as I enjoyed watching movies and finding out about product placement.

To know more about my educational and professional background please click here


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