Sometimes they don’t think

So I was surfing through channels and stopped at one in particular where there was a group of people – very robust looking – dancing (?). I only had five minutes and so could only watch that one scene and it stayed with me. So I noted the name of the movie and decided to get that movie and watch again. It was “Step Up 2 the Streets”.

Not one of those stand-out movies. But not a bad one either. And the movie started with a girl being interested in the dance since her childhood but then loosing her mother and ending up at her mother’s best friend to stay with her. She grows up on the streets with not much money, bunking school but dancing all the same. Everything thing was going fine and pretty standard with the movie until the girl goes to this school of arts. The scene of her entry in the school started – she is climbing up the steps, turns around and whooaaa – there it was – a big bold logo of Under Armour on her backpack. One one can miss that. And all I could think was – what the hell were you thinking. She can’t afford that. Well, I work and earn and I can’t afford that.

The movie went on and there were more placements in the movie here and there but at the end of the movie what I remembered most was the placement of that Under Armour. I know that not all the people would notice this and its probably not that big of a deal but I’ll still say – Sometimes they don’t think !!!


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