One missed out Product Placement

This is to write about one missed out product placement due to my lack of knowledge about stocks and all those programs related to stocks.

I have lost count of how many times I must have watched Iron Man to know all the placements and their duration and gazillion things about the products featured in that movie. And I was quite satisfied with my performance until recently. My husband’s new thirst for knowledge about the stock market has had its impact on me too. Nothing too serious that can’t go away but some dribs and drabs and some information on where he gets his information. So the program “Mad Money” that is quite popular with those who watch stocks has gained its way in our household for the past couple of months.

I was watching nothing particular on TV yesterday and was flicking through channels when suddenly I saw Iron Man on Fox. The scene where Tony comes back and makes announcement in the press conference about his company. And then, boom!! There was Mad Money running and Jim Crammer talking about how Stark industries are going down. I was struck dumb after watching that.

Now I am quite aware that this situation is not that dramatic for everyone and things happen. But I felt a pang of frustration as I suddenly realized that I still can not say that I know about all the products placed in those 30 movies. Damn you Jim Crammer.


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